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This is a "Fake TV SHOP Add" specially produced to integrate SKETCH's music video.
We wanted to create the dumbest TV SHOP commercial ever made, selling fitness items that don's solve any problem, as if they were the best invention ever!!
And what better way to do it, than to use "bad lights", "bad backgrounds", stupid props and the worst script ever :)

NICO GUEDES :: Director
MISS SUZIE :: Art Direction

Starring :: Nuno Fradique as "Muscle Man"
Producers :: Paula Afonso & Miss Suzie
Assistant Producer :: Isabel Ponce
Props Assistant :: Alexandra Sobral
Produced by :: New Animation Lab

Type :: FAKE TV Shop ADD "B Movie"
Portugal, 2014

contacts nico guedes email:
Phone: (+351) 964 201 579
suzie peterson email:
Phone: (+351) 917 876 778

nico guedes Director
Suzie Peterson Producer, Art Director & Animation Special Effects
Cinematography Nico Guedes
Producer New Animation Lab - Paula Afonso as Co-Producer
Staring Nuno Fradique as "Muscleman"
Thanks to Aquatro Impressões

Portugal, 2014