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This is a "Fake TV Commercial" specially produced to integrate SKETCH's music video.
We wanted to create the dumbest TV commercial ever made, selling fast food with a "sex flag" completely out of purpose!!
And what better way to do it than to use "bad lights", "fake backgrounds", a "horrible Hot Dog", and the worst script ever :)

NICO GUEDES :: Director
MISS SUZIE :: Art Direction

Starring :: Érica Rodrigues as "Hot Dog Girl"
Producers :: Paula Afonso & Miss Suzie
Assistant Producer :: Isabel Ponce
Props Assistant :: Alexandra Sobral
Produced by :: New Animation Lab

Type :: FAKE TV Commercial "B Movie"
Portugal, 2014

contacts nico guedes email:
Phone: (+351) 964 201 579
suzie peterson email:
Phone: (+351) 917 876 778

nico guedes Director
Suzie Peterson Co-Producer & Art Director
Cinematography Nico Guedes
Producer New Animation Lab - Paula Afonso as Co-Producer
Staring Érica Rodrigues as "Hot Dog Girl"
Thanks to Aquatro Impressões

Portugal, 2014